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Best Riviera Maya Rentals Service Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are strictly enforced, as part of the guest resident’s rental agreement. Please review the reservation confirmation for specific details related reservation dates, payments, preplanned or prepaid amenities, security deposit and specific details about the property. The following information are general terms and conditions employed by BRMR  in addition to the reservation contract. These terms and conditions may be changed or updated, at any time, without prior notice. For clarity on any item of these terms and conditions, please contact BRMR Management Upon deposit payment, the reserving guest resident is expressly communicating that these terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed.

Current Notices: From December 15 to January 07, the minimum stay is 1 week/ 7 nights.

Rental Policies

Minimum Stay

From December 15 to January 07, the minimum stay is 1 week/ 7 nights.

Minimum Age Requirements

The age of the primary renter (with whom the deposit and payments are made), must be 30 years or above. Under 30 years of age please contact us directly at

Check in/ Check Out

Check in begins at 3pm or later. Please communicate late arrivals (after 10PM) to ensure arrangement of welcome and keys. Check out begins at 11AM or earlier. When available, and with notice, checkout times can be flexible. f the gusts stays after the checkout hours (without confirming with management in advance), they agree to be charged a fee that is equivalent to one more night of stay.

Common Areas

Excessive noise, music without headphones and parties are not allowed in common areas unless expressly permitted or planned by BRMR Management.

Additional Fees

Cleaning available upon request for the additional fee.

An Electricity Charge will be assessed upon checkout.

This charge is calculated by the KW meter according to total usage during stay. This fee can be paid via cash or website.

About Electricity in Yucatan Peninsula

Electricity is very expensive in the Yucatan Peninsula and if we use more than our allotment, we will be charged double rates. Please help us conserve by turning off the ACs when possible. When using

the AC, please keep the temperature around 25 Celsius and please, please turn off whenever exiting the condo (lights and fans too). The AC units will cool down the spaces very quickly upon return. At night, please use the bedroom AC only with the door closed to other spaces.

Cleaning fee (after check out) is charged to every guest to maintain the condo clean and in perfect condition. There is a maid service available upon request for additional fee.

Property Provisions and Maintenance

The unit will be equipped with initial basic bathroom toiletries, toilet paper and basic cleaning supplies. Guests are responsible for additional household and personal supplies.

Each property  is delivered, fully inspected and inventoried prior to the tenant’s arrival. It is the tenant's responsibility to keep the property reasonably clean with all furniture, supplies and appliances intact, as found. All bath and beach towels, initial basic bathroom toiletries are provided. Normal wear and tear is expected. Excessively messy or dirty units may be subject to additional cleaning charges that will be deducted from the security deposit. Broken, torn, missing  or damaged  furniture, supplies and appliances may be subject to deduction from security deposit.


Smoking in any part of the property is not permitted under any circumstances.

Detection of smoking in the unit can result in deduction from security deposit and forfeiture reminder of your stay.  

For upkeep of property and safety, never discard cigarettes on the ground of the property or surrounding jungle area.

As part of property aesthetic guidelines, please refrain from hanging clothing on the balcony rails or walls outdoors.  


There are locks on the doors and windows of each unit. We will demonstrate how to utilize each one, upon request. Please employ the locks, ensure property is safe and keep belongings secure while not occupying the space. Do not store belongings or any valuables in common areas. BRMR Management is not responsible for lost property.

Entertaining, Courtesy and Visitors

Glass bottles, drinking glasses and food are allowed in/on personal balcony. For safety, be sure to dispose of glass after use.

While music devices are permitted on private balcony, it is required to listen to music, at a reasonable volume at any time of the day, to prevent disturbing other guests. Music devices without headsets are not allowed in condominium common areas. Excessive noise in property or common areas is not permitted.

Parties are not allowed in common areas unless previously approved or specially arranged. Parties are not allowed in the property home, and failure to comply will result in forfeiture of security deposit and may result in loss of remaining reservation days; guest resident’s may be asked to leave immediately.

Visitors and outside guests must be registered during Concierge’s working hours or by email

For safety and regulation purposes, guests other than the occupants included on the reservation, are not allowed, as each condominium has a maximum number of allowed occupants.

In the event that a noise complaint against a guest resident is made, we will:

  • Immediately notify the primary guest resident upon receipt of complaint. If there is a challenge with accessing the guest resident, entering the unit or a delay in reducing noise, electricity may be discontinued for up to 4 hours, at the discretion of property security.
  • A second notice results in a fine of $150 USD, deducted from the security deposit or charged to the guest resident’s account.
  • Further notices will require guests of the entire reservation to vacate the property immediately, and may include the assistance of a public officer.

It is strictly prohibited to consume narcotics and illegal substances in any of BRMR properties . Violation will be reported to local authorities, and guests of the entire reservation must vacate the property immediately.

The keys provided upon check in must be returned by or before checkout. If the condominium keys are not returned upon checkout or are lost, a $100 USD fee will be assessed to the guest resident’s account.

Emergency, Injury and liabilities

It is strongly recommended that travel insurance be obtained in the event of trip interruption or cancellation; and/or sickness, injury or fatality during travels. An information card that includes an emergency contact is required to be provided upon check in (includes emergency contact name, telephone number, email address and mailing address). We will only retain emergency contact’s information during the duration of the guest resident’s stay, and will only contact those listed in an emergency situation.

BRMR Management  cannot assume liability for damaged property, injuries or fatalities during travels in Tulum or within the premises of BRMR  properties. In the event of an emergency or injury, always contact emergency responders immediately, and then BRMR management.

In the event of a fire, use best judgement, and exit the property as far always as possible and leave tangible effects behind. Elevators ( if applicable ) are automatically disabled when a fire alarm is signalled, therefore carefully using the stairs to exit the building is required.

During hurricane season or inclement weather, we will update guests with specific instructions on emergency evacuation contingencies.

Deposits and Payments

Deposit: In order to confirm an BRMR condo or penthouse for any length of stay, full deposit is due at the time of reservation.

Balance: Full balance, including applicable deposit, must be paid in full within 72 hours after the inquiry in order to secure the reservation.

Security Deposit: A security deposit is required independent from reservation deposit and balance, and will be charged to the preferred payment method upon check in. The security deposit will be refunded when the guest resident’s account has been settled during or after checkout. Expect the security deposit refunds within 7-10 business days from BRMR Management. Additional receipt of funds may take longer, depending on the payment method and the payment institution which is outside the control of BRMR Management.

Payment Methods: Reservation deposits, security deposit and balances can be made via any major credit card or bank transfer (BRMR Management will provide bank transfer information). For reservation deposits made via bank transfers only,BRMR Management will hold the reservation up to 48 hours until transfer confirmation is received. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation that is not confirmed within this time.

Cancellations and Refunds

Any reservations made during a major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter week) are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation — including deposits and balance payments.

Deposits and Balances can only be refunded as follows:

  • 90 to 60 days prior to reservation Day 1 — 100% of amount paid will be refunded, less 20% cancellation fee.
  • 60 to 30 days prior to reservation Day 1 — 50% of amount paid will be refunded, less 25% cancellation fee.
  • Less than 30 days — No refund is applicable.
  • Unused services — No refund is applicable.

No refund will ever exceed the amount paid. Third-party travel insurance is strongly recommended. BRMR properties does not provide travel insurance.

Reservation Changes by Management

In the event that the reserved property becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, and the deposit/balance payment has been received, we will work to accommodate the guest resident in a comparable property, or the guest resident have the option to request a refund in full.

Agreement to these Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be changed or updated at any time without prior notice. For clarity on any item of these terms and conditions, please contact BRMR Management at  Upon deposit payment, the guest resident is expressly communicating that these terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed.

Last Update: 03/08/2016