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1,938 ft2

2 bedrooms

1 King, 2 Twins


2 bathrooms

Own pool

Air conditioner

Wireless internet

Bicycles Available

Satellite TV


A majestic grand entrance awaits behind the oversized doors of Arthouse Residence, 203. A massive still water spa-like pool greets you upon entering, as if it is sitting in the center of the condo itself. The outdoors provides the balcony space of your dreams. It spans the entire width of the condo, with deck chairs and ambience lighting for evening lounging. Natural light flows bountifully throughout, as this home spans the second level of Arthouse’s rear west-facing wing.


The theme throughout 203 presents clean monotone cream colors, minimalist decor and contemporary design. Space is abundant. To the left, dining and entreating. To the right, living and entertaining. Out there, jungle and luxury lounging. In here, Riviera Maya luxury, Arthouse style. Indoors or out, this space boasts one of the most unique floor plans in the entire Arthouse Residence building.

Living and Lounging

Effortlessly flow from living and lounging, to dining and resting without feeling cramped or crowded. The living and lounging area features a low-sitting sofa, with straight lined TV stand, hand made wooden counter suspended in the foyer and clear views of the outdoors. The kitchen is equipped with a Taurus Coffee Maker, Oster Blender, toaster and microwave. Fresh serve ware, cookware, and utensils available with plenty of prep and storage space. Large breakfast island with three redwood stools that contrast blond faux wood flooring. A proper six-seat carved wood slab on double metal contemporary legs. The spaces are united by obvious impressions of clean, airy, angular decor, sheer drapery and tranquil ambiences to usher in cool Atlantic ocean breezes.


Rich deep woods, soft leathers and plush linens compliment the room’s dark wood king platform, wardrobe and sitting area in the master suite. Or head to the second bedroom, where you can find two acommodating sinlge beds. Simple to fall asleep, and dream here. Blissful to awake in such modernity.

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Residential Area: Arthouse Tulum